Destiny Paid Expansions and Microtransactions are Co-Existing Well says Activision CEO

There is no questioning that Destiny is popular, but there are questions around the paid extensions and the microtransactions. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has revealed today that they are in fact selling well.

While non-fans of the game may not understand why fans decide to continually pay into Destiny, but the fact is they are, and why not? The game gives them fun and if they feel they are getting value for money then it is their own choice to continue to pay their hard earned cash.

On the expansions to the game Hirshberg revealed:

“We had a full year of expansions to the game that have been very well received and sold quite well. More recently, you’ve seen us introduce smaller, in-game purchases that allow people to customize their experience and express themselves; those have been very well received and have sold well also. I think we’ve already shown that DLC and microtransactions can co-exist and that our community is hungry for more great content.”

On the inclusion of microtransactions and if they could replace paid expansions he said:

“As far as any shifts in strategy, I don’t have any announcements today, but I think we have a lot of options at our disposal, And the reason for that of course is that we have such great engagement with this game.”

With 25 million registered players on the game at the moment, Bungie also expect this number to expand over the Christmas period. They are looking for the Legendary Edition which includes the game and all its DLC to specifically sell well.

What are your thoughts on the DLC and microtransactions for Destiny? Let us know below.