Data Mining of Street Fighter 5 Files Reveal More Game Details

With the release of the Street Fighter 5 beta on the PC it was not long before people started to explore the files. We already revealed some of the secrets that this data mining revealed but that hasn’t stopped even more discoveries.

Right now it appears that the DLC characters that will be made available will be:

  • Urien
  • Ibuki
  • Juri
  • Alex
  • Guile
  • A possible new character referred to in the code as “FAN” (rumoured to be the boss character)

As well as these character reveals, it also appears that audio files that were found in the game also confirm the characters. While these files were shared on Reddit in an RAR file, a much safer method to listen to them is to visit shoryuken where they have an easier way to listen to them.

Along with the names of the fighters included in the game an in game announcer appears to be included for the Capcom Pro Tour events, which reveal the countries and locations that will be used. More files also appear to tease the ranking system that will be used in the game too.

With these “leaks” coming from the beta code, some may ask why aren’t measures taken to prevent this from happening? The simple fact is that it’s not an easy process to do, especially when the PC is so open to developers to allow them to examine the files included for the game. There is also a cost concern for this kind of work.

What do you think of the leaks for Street Fighter 5? Is it a sign that game betas on PC should be more secure? Let us know your thoughts on this below.