Bethesda Ported Skyrim to Xbox One, Just Don’t Expect it to be Released

With the upcoming release of Fallout 4 more details are being revealed about the games development. Perhaps one of the most interesting is when development started and what the plans were to release the game on current generation devices.

In the latest issue of Game Informer Bethesda talk about the development and reveal that Fallout 4 was started at the end of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s development. Both Sony and Microsoft wanted Bethesda to release the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Bethesda held off on this, deciding to work on something just as intriguing instead.

When new hardware is released one of the things developers have to do is to get used to developing for it and working out their strategy. What is interesting is that the first thing Bethesda chose to do was to port Skyrim to the Xbox One. Though Todd Howard made it clear that hopes should not be raised on getting that port released “yet”.

When Fallout 4 is released next week and Bethesda look at what to work on next, could they go back to Skyrim and look at releasing the port? The only people who can answer that is the company themselves and they don’t appear to be in any rush to do this.

We’ve seen how nice Skyrim can look on the PC, especially with the mods to improve the texture quality so it would be interesting to see what the game would look like on the consoles. If enough people asked for it, would Bethesda listen and give us a release?

Would you love to see the port of Skyrim released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Let us know your thoughts below.