Battletech Crosses Over $2.5 Million in Crowd Funding; Completes All Stretch Goals

According to Harebrained Scheme LLC, the turn-based tactical mech combat set in year 3025, Battletech has crossed over $2.5 million USD in crowd funding.

What this means is that the PVP multiplayer stretch goal has now been completed. According to the developer, the additional budget will be spent on ironing out the bugs, further polishing the game, and the creation of a live team which will work on post-launch patches as well as a co-op mode.


As we said in our first Live Stream Twitch Q&A session, after Stage 4 is unlocked, additional funding will go towards polishing the features and content we’ve already committed to. After that, any additional funds will go toward funding a Post-Launch Live Team that will continue developing additional features and content. First among them will be Cooperative Multiplayer, which will allow you and a friend to face-off against AI opponents.

For more details, you can head over to Battletech’s official Kickstarter Page.

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