Shuhei Yoshida Eases Worries over Lack of The Last Guardian Footage

With the big reveal of The Last Guardian at E3, fans obviously now want to see more from the game. PlayStation haven’t been very forthcoming with information about the game, in fact quite the reverse, which has worried a few people.

Gamespot brought this subject up with PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida at the Tokyo Game Show, and his response was for people not to worry:

“Development is going well, but because it’s about the story, we don’t want to show too much,” Yoshida told GameSpot in a new interview. “We wanted to show that it exists, it works, it runs. It’s not like we won’t show anything before launch, but I think we will try to limit what we show about the game.”

This will of course make sense to people waiting for The Last Guardian, now that they are finally getting the game I’m sure they won’t want spoilers ruining the experience. To get the full enjoyment out of this game its best to go in cold.

He was also quizzed about Sony helping to fund Shenmue 3 and what that would lead to:

“So it’s Yu Suzuki-san’s studio’s project, which is an indie developer. Now there are many deals that SCEA and SCEE have made with indie developers, with regards to console exclusivity and timed exclusivity, and I do not remember exactly what we have been saying about it, but the developer has been saying it’s coming to PS4 and… I think they are saying it’s coming to PC? I’m not sure, I can’t remember what it says on their Kickstarter.”

Are you surprised that we aren’t seeing more publicity for these two games now they are finally being released? Let us know your thoughts below.