PlayStation South Korea Press Conference Date Revealed

PlayStation have having a busy end of the year, with yet another press conference planned. The South Korea Press Conference 2015 may reveal even more games for the Asian market, which will obviously be interesting for all PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita owners.

CGM are reporting the conference has been dated November 11, but appears this date may be incorrect. The actual date appears to be November 4 with this schedule:

10:30 ~ 10:40 Greetings from Oda Hiroyuki (SCEJA Vice president)

10:40 ~ 11:40 PS VR Presentation and Q&A Session from SCE WWS President Shuhei Yoshida

11:40 ~ 12:05 Korean Developer Session

12:05 ~ 12:20 Korean Localization Title announcement

12:20 ~ 12:40 G-Star 2015 SCEK Booth Presentation

(12:40 ~ 13:40 PS VR Media demonstration)

Based on this schedule there is a focus on localisation and more PlayStation VR demonstrations. The developer session will obviously also reveal some new games, so it will be interesting to see if anything new is announced.

The event will be live streamed here for people who want to watch it online, and while details are sparse, we may learn more about what will be happening during the presentation. PlayStation will probably celebrate their successful year, as well as look at the news already revealed for the company, and the games that have been already revealed for the console.

With a focus on localisation and the PlayStation VR demonstration we may see some interesting reveals, but in honesty looking at the schedule, I doubt we’ll see much new.

Will you be watching this press conference? Do you expect to see anything interesting? Let us know your thoughts below.