Obtain the Black Spindle in Destiny’s Lost to Light Quest Active Today

To keep things interesting in Destiny, Bungie now and again launch quests that have big rewards. One of these was the Lost to Light quest, which appears to be active today.

Revealed on Reddit, the side quest is now apparently active but only for today. When executed correctly it will reward players with the Epic Sniper Rifle Black Spindle. Obviously if you haven’t got this weapon yet this is the perfect chance to load up the game and obtain it.

With Lost to Light being random, even though it has appeared a few times some people still haven’t managed to obtain the prize by completing the quest. This may be down to the fact they just weren’t good enough or didn’t complete the quest quickly enough to obtain the reward.

To start the quest, launch the Lost to Light daily story and proceed as you usually would with a mission like this. Its recommended that you use a fireteam and keep it until you at least reach the secret area.

In the Lost to Light quest you’ll be running away from a horde of the Taken while unlocking doors with a series of orbs. Reach the third locked door, head past the Taken that should be at the far end of the room and there will be a large open door. Once inside the Ketch, get to the end and defeat the Taken Champion as well as every other Taken you’ve encountered on the way. Do this in under ten minutes and you should be rewarded with the Black Spindle.

Obviously the ten minutes’ time limit will add to the challenge, but I’m sure with plenty of practice this shouldn’t cause too many problems.

Have you managed to get the Black Spindle? Let us know your thoughts on the Lost to Light quest below.