New Details Revealed About Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

With all of the rumours about Rush of Blood confirmed, there has been some confusion as to what this new “on-rails” game actually is. Created for the PlayStation VR it looks like we are finally getting some details as to what we’ll get with the Until Dawn extension.

When talking to VG247 Simon Harris, Supermassive’s executive producer revealed that the game won’t be DLC, and is merely set in the Until Dawn world.

“This game charts the descent into madness of one of the characters from the Until Dawn universe. As they play through, fans of the series will start to recognise very familiar locations, some things around the characters and other similar aspects.

It’s very much set in that world and that universe, but it’s a completely separate game.”

On the power of VR to create jump scares, Harris revealed:

“When you think about Until Dawn, you have to set them up in a certain way. Now we have to set you up in all sorts of new ways, by making you look left and right and things like that.”

He also hoped that people would not be put off by the game being on-rails:

“As soon as you say ‘on-rails’ to an experienced PlayStation gamer, they say, ‘That sounds a little 80s or 90s to me.’ But the experience of a roller coaster ride allows us to provide pacing. If you play the demo you’ll see that you have fast sections and slow sections as you go up hills.”

With no release date set yet, it is obvious that Supermassive will be waiting for the release of PlayStation VR before releasing the game, which is due the first half of 2016.

Are you looking forward to playing Rush of Blood? Let us know your thoughts on PlayStation VR horror, and the new Until Dawn game below.