More Fallout 4 Information Slips Through the Cracks

Bethesda has done an excellent job keeping Fallout 4 under wraps for such a long time. However, now that the game is on the verge of release, cracks are starting to appear in the thick protective shell around Fallout 4.

More and more stuff is starting to leak including gameplay videos, perks list, screenshots etc. Some of the latest information that came along is related to gameplay elements in Fallout 4. For instance, the Power Armor runs on a fusion core that runs out after a certain amount of time.

Players move slowly when using the Power Armor but resistance to damage is increased. You can enter buildings while wearing the armor and you will be notified when your settlements come under attack.

Conversation with other characters is a major part of Fallout series and Fallout 4 is no different, players can choose to answer in aggressive or diplomatic way.

You can not go back in conversations to choose a different option, once a certain theme is selected it can’t be changed.

Dialogue options are colored (red, orange, yellow) to indicate the chances of success. Success or failure depends on your charisma level.

When under attack or hiding from something, you can just move toward an object (car, door, wall) and take cover. You won’t need to press any button to cover.

Pressing the aim button when in cover will expose you and will bring you in a position to attack. That’s not all, some new gameplay is available which you can see below.

As you can see Fallout 4 details are available in abundance, many of them aren’t mentioned here and contain major spoilers. Till the game release, try and be careful when clicking on Fallout 4 related news as it may spoil your game.