More Details About NieR: Automata Emerge Online

Having been confirmed to be called NieR: Automata, the new NieR project is being developed by Platinum Games and now courtesy of Siliconera, some new game details are available about this upcoming Action RPG.

According to game director Taro Yoko and producer Yosuke Saito, the game will have multiple protagonists, two to be precise — playable — although it may seem as if there are three main characters.

Talking about the gender of the android model 2B, they both hinted at the android being a hermaphrodite although the real gender of all the androids is being kept a secret.

They both also talked about the possibilities of DLC costumes for 2B although it’s not clear whether the costume will also be affected like 2B’s skirt upon taking damage or not.

The Pods in the game will help distract enemies by attacking them from range while players can focus on melee attacks. They can also be used to travel across the maps. As for weapons, players should have a large variety to choose from. Exactly how big this arsenal will be isn’t clear yet but the next round of information, set to be in spring might help clarify that.

NieR: Automata is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and expected to release in 2016. Set in distant future the game tells the story of androids attempting to retake the world on behalf of humans from the enemies known as Living Machines.