Metal Gear Online November Patch Fixes Detailed

We have known for a while that Metal Gear Online is going to get an update in November. This one is going to bring about major changes, tweak a number of important things and provide fixes for a host of issues.

However, in case you have not been in touch with Metal Gear Online lately, we are sharing the list of changes that are going to be made with the upcoming update.

There are numerous issues relating to Auto-matching, Missions, Loadout/Equipment, Character Ability, Weapons, Items, Stealth Camo with STEALTH CAMO+ Ability, CQC, Fulton, and Buddy System which you can read up in detail here. However, we are sharing the Loadout/Equipment, Character Ability and Weapons fixes here:

Loadout/Equipment Adjustments:

  • The “E.LOCATOR” will now only available for the Scout class.
  • Machines guns and launchers will now only be available for the Enforcer class.
  • Shotguns will now only available for the Infiltrator class.
  • As a result of these changes, custom loadouts will be initialized during the maintenance period following the update patch.

Character Ability Adjustments:

  • Overall movement speed will be increased.
  • Mobility has been re-balanced to allow faster travelling between objectives.
  • Infiltrators will have health and stamina decreased.
  • Enforcers will have health and stamina increased.
  • Scouts will have health increased.
  • Scouts will be able to mark targets more quickly while using binoculars.

Weapon Adjustments:

  • Firing sway for Machine Guns will be reduced.
  • Weapon sway will be reduced overall when aiming in first-person view.
  • Damage inflicted by the Walker Gear’s Gatling gun will be reduced.
  • Walker Gears and Anti-Aircraft will now take more damage from certain weapons.
  • Weapon damage of certain weapons are being adjusted for better balance.
  • Damage value on the ISANDO RGL-220″ will be significantly reduced.
  • Reduced ammo count on “ISANDO RGL-220″ .
  • Max carry for “E.LOCATOR,””STUN GRENADE,” and “SLEEP GRENADE” will be reduced.
  • The throwing arch of the Empty Magazine will be invisible to enemies.
  • The noise radius made by Empty Magazines when they land will be expanded

Metal Gear Online is bound to get much better with this update!