Just Cause 3 Developer Avalanche Studios Hit By Layoffs

Avalanche Studios, the developers behind Mad Max and the upcoming Just Cause 3 have announced that the company had to let go 24 staff members this year, 12 in New York recently while 12 were given notice during summer in Stockholm.

While lay-offs are routine in game development world and as projects are finished, team sizes are changed and some of the staff is let go to prepare for another project and open up some spaces, it certainly does raise a few questions why these lay-offs happened so close to the release of both the games the company was developing this year.

Talking to GameInformer, a representative of Avalanche Studios mentioned that the studio is in process of rehiring some of the old staff members in preparation for their next projects, which will not be affected by these layoffs.

According to them, in the early phases of development, it’s easier to mismatch the team sizes and skills which is why as development continues, lay-offs tend to happen.

Avalanche’s second game this year, Just Cause 3 is set to release on December 1st for PS4, Xbox One and PC. While highly unlikely since the game has already gone gold, do you think these lay-offs will have an impact on the game after its release? Share below.