Halo 5 Guardians Meets Forza 6 with Themed Mustangs

It has been a month and a half since Forza 6 hit the racks worldwide, the game has been highly appreciated by almost all the critics which means it is going to stay relevant for quite some time now.

So why not cash on that for another major exclusive title for Xbox One?

That is exactly what Microsoft is doing with Halo 5 Guardians. Like the two titles have done a number of times in the past, a combined effort has brought a couple of themed cars to promote the upcoming Halo inside Forza Motosport 6.

There are two Mustangs in total named Spartan Locke 2015 Mustang GT and Master Chief 2015 Ford Shelby GT350R which are also a part of the collaboration with Ford:

Designed in partnership between 343 Industries and Turn 10 Studios, the Spartan Locke 2015 Mustang GT and Master Chief 2015 Ford Shelby GT350R are the latest in a series of Xbox collaborations with Ford, including the Xbox Elite Ford GT controller concept, the Ford F-150 Halo Sandcat unveiled at E3 2015, and the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Halo Edition featured in the Forza Horizon series.

We have added photos of the Halo 5 Guardians themed Mustangs to the story so that you can decide with one you are going too pick in your next race in Forza 6.

Halo 5 Guardians Forza 6 Car 2

Last but not the least, you should keep in mind that while Spartan Locke 2015 Mustang GT can be picked up by anyone for free, the Master Chief 2015 Ford Shelby GT350R is going to be exclusive to VIPs.