Fallout 4 EULA Says All Mods Must Be Free

It looks like there won’t be any paid mods for Fallout 4, if the game’s End User Licence Agreement is on Steam is to be believed.

The document reads: All Customized Game Materials must be distributed solely free.”

Fallout 4 EULA

Your move, Valve.

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This is great news for fans but modders may not take it that well. This also shows that Steam Workshop support is planned for Fallout 4.

Previously, Bethesda said that it will be using Bethesda.Net for Fallout 4 mods. And haven’t yet decided on Steam Workshop and other third party platforms like Nexus.

In other news, Fallout 4 details are starting to leak online ahead of its official release. For instance, the Power Armor runs on a fusion core that runs out after a certain amount of time.

Players move slowly when using the Power Armor but resistance to damage is increased. You can enter buildings while wearing the armor and you will be notified when your settlements come under attack.

You can read more about Fallout 4 here. Fallout 4 will release on November 10 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.