AMD Unveils New Major Update For Catalyst Control Center

Each year AMD strives to bring its users an improved and streamlined driver support experience through a massive update to the driver support control center, AMD Catalyst.

Last year it was in the form of a major update known as Catalyst Omega and continuing that tradition, the company has now released a new major update, Crimson, for the support software.

A new version isn’t the only change however since the name Catalyst Control Center has also been replaced by the name Radeon Software.

While the new software does look easier to use and fast thanks to the new Qt framework, something that Catalyst Omega and even Nvidia’s GeForce Experience are not, its standout feature is that it allows users to tweak their GPU settings, overlock and adjust power limits separately for each game which means if it’s a pretty heavy game, users can play it with an overlocked GPU and when they stop playing or switch to a much simpler title that doesn’t require a lot of power, the GPU should automatically revert to stock settings.

The new software also supports One-click driver downloads ensuring that users will not have to visit the website or log in anywhere in order to obtain the latest drivers. The company will also continue to provide drivers through the website for those who don’t want to download them through Radeon Software.

There is no fixed date yet on the release of Crimson but it should be available before the year ends.