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The Taken King, Destiny Silver Are Top Add-Ons for PSN Right Now

It is a fact that a greater chunk of the earnings made by video game developers these days comes from the in-game purchases and the downloadable content packs that they release for games during the course of the title’s life. Millions of users do all that through the PlayStation Network and so the top selling DLCs over there give a good idea as to what is popular these days.

If you haven’t checked the top DLCs list on the PSN these days, let us tell you what is going on. Right now, Bungie fans are literally throwing their money on the screen because out of the five most purchased items, four relate to Destiny.

Here’s the list of the top Add-Ons on the PSN right now:

  • Destiny The Taken King
  • 1000 (+100 Bonus) Destiny Silver
  • 2000 (+300 Bonus) Destiny Silver
  • Minecraft Story Mode Season Pass
  • 500 Destiny Silver

As you can see only the Minecraft Story Mode Season Pass was able to break what could have been a housefull which shows just hoe much popular Destiny and The Taken King expansion is along the fans.

On another note, you can check out a Destiny player defeating Crota with a rock band drum solo performance by going here.