Rumor: No Man’s Sky is Having Issues on PlayStation 4, Scale is the Problem

Since yesterday, a new rumor has started to circulate saying that PlayStation 4 console exclusive No Man’s Sky is having technical issues.

Sources say that a “hands off demo” was suppose to appear at an event (Game City) in UK but due to technical problems it never showed up. It is also being claimed that No Man’s Sky PS4 demo at E3 was running on a PC, however, at the time no such reports came-in.

Even if it was running on PC, it is not uncommon for demos to use PC during events. So we shouldn’t look to much into that.

The report also mentions Hello Games having issues due the sheer scale of the game. Not only on PS4, but on PC as well. Optimization has been “hell,” sources say.

Fans following No Man’s Sky development would know that Hello Games is trying to create a procedurally generated deterministic open universe. There are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in No Man’s Sky all Procedurally Generated using algorithms.

Creating such a game on PC will cause problems, not to mention the hell you have to go trough to run it on a closed platform like PS4. With that said, there is no evidence to suggest that Hello Games wasn’t able to handle development issues, or the game will be delayed once again.

No Man’s Sky will arrive in June 2016 on PS4, hopefully.