Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Array Assault Guide – Tips and Strategy

Halo 5: Guardians ‘Array’ Warzone Mode strategy guide with tips and tricks to help you attack opponents and defend your bases.

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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Array Assault Tips

Array is designed for Warzone Assault in which one team is to capture opponent’s bases and launch an attack to win the mode. This guide provides an overview of Array along with tips and strategies to help you capture opponent’s bases and defend your own.

Primary Objectives

The Spire
While attacking, beware of the defenders on the upper levels of the Spire. In order to invade, you should utilize the ramp made of rocks and try to reach the upper level of the base.

You should also consider using these rocks as cover to avoid getting hit. If you are still unable to invade, try the Tunnel and the area near the Req Station. On the defense, you need to head to the base’s upper level and catch opponent at the Crossroads.

You should also consider sending in a few soldiers to flank the opponent. In addition to this, you also need to watch out for flanks from the Tunnel and the area near the Req Station.

When it comes to attacking the Armory, you should seriously consider using the structure overlooking the roof to rain fire down upon the opponent and also drop down onto the roof itself!

In addition to this, you can also reach the rooftop using the orange pipes at the backside of the base, toss a few grenades inside, and then infiltrate with full force.

If you are unable to secure the Spire, equip yourself with your best long-range weapons and engage the opponent coming from the Spire.

You should also consider using some vehicles in order to harass the opponent and keep them at bay. Remember that you need to hold the area only for six minutes – let the opponent come to you.

Central Power Core
While attacking, get all your vehicles and push towards the opponent base. Use vehicles such as Scorpion, Wraiths, and Mantise in order to establish a perimeter near the enemy base.

With vehicles outside the base — especially near the Crags side, send in your soldiers to finish off the core. Like always, remember to use hard-hitting and rapid-fire weapons to make short work of the core.

While defending the core, you need to split your fireteam at the Crags side and at the Ridge side. Use aerial vehicles to patrol the entire area and use vehicles such as Scorpion, Wraith, and Mantis to secure the perimeter along with a few soldiers.

Even if the opponent penetrates the core chamber, do not remove vehicles from the Base Gates and only send in some Spartans to deal with the opposition.

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