Halo 5 Guardians Truth Multiplayer Arena Map Tips, Best Positions, Strategy

Truth is a symmetrical multiplayer arena in Halo 5 Guardians and is a reminiscent of the classic, competitive maps in Halo 2. It provides a mixture of close-quarter combat and long-range combat, so make sure your loadout is well-balanced, as are your skills.

Game Modes
Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Plasma Caster (2 minutes respawn)
Energy Sword (10 seconds respawn)
Active Camo (2 minutes respawn)

Best Positions
Pink Tower Two – This Tower is the focus of the map and the hotspot. It’s where the easiest access to the Active Camo is, and it’s where you can assume control of practically the entire map.

You should probably expect heavy resistance early on when going to secure this area, as the opponent team is likely to be doing the same thing.

If the opponent is holding this area, you’ll need to use the Plasma Caster and try to take them out from Carbine Two or one of the windows at Blue/Red Two.

Red/Blue Sneaky – These little ledges provide excellent elevation advantage and prevent you from getting snuck up on. In Capture the Flag, they make for excellent defensive positions and can greatly aid in both retrieving a captured flag or aid the ally capturer from a distance.

Truth Map Tips and Strategy
At the start of the map, you should try to head for Pink Tower Two and assume control of it as quickly as possible, irrespective of which mode you’re playing. You should expect heavy resistance, but this is where your skills come into play.

If you’re not making a push for Pink Tower Two, head for the Energy Sword at Carbine One.

You’re not likely to face much resistance here, and although the Active Camo is arguably the more important item, you’ll still have decent firepower with the Energy Sword and Carbine One secured to tilt the balance of the match.

This map offers something for both long-ranged shooters and close-quarter combat experts. The Covenant Carbines and Battle Rifles play an extremely important role in providing long-range effectiveness, and are good way of countering traffic head towards or coming from Pink Tower Two.

Top Mid is an important part of the map like any other, but its importance is largely evident during Capture the Flag.

When carrying the flag, toss it onto Top Mid from the opponent’s window, then grab it when you get on Top Mid, and jump into your own window. Your team having control of Pink Tower Two while doing this gives you a great advantage as they can provide covering crossfire as you head to your base.