Halo 5 Guardians Plaza Multiplayer Arena Map Tips, Best Positions, Strategy

The Plaza is an asymmetrical multiplayer map in Halo 5 Guardians set in an urban environment. It encourages players to use jumping and clambering, and rewards those who master its verticality.

The map also encourages precision-shooting, so make sure your loadout is suited to its needs.

Game Modes
Slayer, Strongholds

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Sniper Rifle (3 minutes respawn)
Overshield (2 minutes respawn)

Best Positions
Plaza Sneaky – This aptly named part of the map is a small area that serves as an ideal position for watching the all-important Overshield. In addition to protecting the Overshield, this area also allows you a good sight of the map’s perimeters, especially the entire road area.

Cinema Loft – The Cinema Loft is located in the northernmost part of the map, and has the Sniper Rifle nearby. It serves as an excellent vantage point and makes a very large part of the map visible.

For best use of this area, have an ally occupy the Plaza Sneaky. Covering both these areas will allow you to practically dominate the map if your aim and cover skills are good enough.

Plaza Map Tips and Strategy
Regardless of which team you’re on, make an aggressive push with your entire team for the Overshield immediately as the match starts. Don’t get clustered up though; instead, spread out slightly and eventually converge towards the Overshield.

The team that acquires the Overshield first often dictates the early minutes of the game in this map.

All is not lost if you failed to reach the Overshield first though. Retreat collectively as a unit and spread out to the Plaza and Café sides of the map and set up a defensive lockup till the Overshield opponent is eventually taken care of.

Another option is to take control of the Plaza Sneaky and the Cinema. The Cinema houses the Sniper Rife, which can be a lethal weapon against the Overshield, and should be a priority if you failed to acquire the power-up.

If you’ve gained an advantage with the Overshield, you should try to occupy the Cinema Loft and Plaza Sneaky together and assume total control of the central and northern part of the map. This will likely pin the opposing team to one side, making it extremely difficult for them to come out without taking serious risks.

With the Overshield and possibly the Cinema Loft in control, have your team spread out to force the enemies to spawn in the center of the map. This will keep them severely exposed and almost guarantees easy kills for players on high vantage points around the perimeters of the map.

Teams on the back-foot should avoid the Bridge at all costs, and should instead look to use the path from Hotel Platform and Cinema Platform, jumping across the top of the Garbage Truck along the way. This will make it more difficult for any long-range player from having an easy shot at you.