Halo 5 Guardians Pegasus Multiplayer Arena Map Tips, Best Positions, Strategy

Pegasus is an asymmetrical multiplayer map in Halo 5 Guardians that encourages precision weaponry. It’s a fairly large map, having multiple angles that force players to stay on the move.

Game Modes
Slayer, Strongholds

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Rocket Launcher (2 minutes respawn)
Sniper Rifle (3 minutes respawn)
Overshield (2 minutes respawn)

Best Positions
Outside – The ledges outside in the northern part of the map offer a large tactical advantage to whoever goes to them first.

One of the ledges is next to a vent with horizontal bars. You can fire through these bars to shoot opponents on the other side who are going after the Sniper Rifle at the Overlook or towards the Blue Spawn.

You can even continue to jump, thrust, and clamber on to the Blue Spawn yourself to get to the Overshield from behind. This can be an excellent flanking technique, especially for Red team.

Be careful though, as it’s easy to fall of the ledges, and even easier for aware enemies to throw you offer with some good shots or a grenade.

Pegasus Map Tips and Strategy
Pegasus is a fairly large map, and its asymmetry can make it slightly difficult to understand at the beginning.

Both Blue and Red team have lots of advantages in the start, as Red team starts closest to the Rocket Launcher, while Blue team spawns practically right next to the location of the Overshield.

Try to get to the sniper rifle as fast as possible, irrespective of which side you’re on. Using the ledges on the Outside can be an extremely efficient way to do so for Blue team, which avoids the relatively open areas in the center.

Red team on the other hand will have to traverse across the Long Stairs to reach the point.

Whoever reaches it first should immediately take control of the Overhang in front of the Weapon Platform. The Overhang allows you to see the largest part of the map, and is especially useful for the sniper as long as he/she is covered.

When moving between the two sides of the map, it’s best to utilize the House corridor. This will protect you from anyone on the Overhang and is an efficient way of moving from the Overshield and Rocket Launcher area.

The weapons’ long sight lines encourages precision weapons, which is what you should be using at all times. Controlling the Overhang and the Outside is key to success in this map.