Halo 5 Guardians Orion Multiplayer Arena Map Tips, Best Positions, Strategy

Orion is an asymmetrical multiplayer map in Halo 5 Guardians that encourages long-ranged weaponry and play. You’ll need to have good accuracy and a precision-based loadout to succeed in this highly vertical map.

Game Modes
Slayer, Strongholds

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Railgun (3 minutes respawn)
Sniper Rifle (3 minutes respawn)
Damage Boost (2 minutes respawn)

Best Positions
Tower – The Tower near the Blue Base can gives the Blue team a slight advantage as it is the highest vantage point in the game, and almost every part of the map is visible from it.

Control of the Tower after obtaining the Railgun or Sniper Rifle can greatly turn the tide of battle. The best counter for a team controlling the Tower is to get a long-ranged weapon and eliminate anyone on the Tower, specifically any long-ranged opponent.

Orion Map Tips and Strategy
Orion is a fairly open map, which means there are going to be a lot of long-ranged exchanges going on. Blue team starts at a slight advantage because of the nearby Tower. Blue team can easily head to the Tower and start harassing Red team with good shots, all the while covering the Railgun.

You can also move towards the Damage Boost at Viewpoint, either to secure it for later use or to aggressively assault the Red team as they are near House and Top Mid.

Red team starts at a slight disadvantage, but have the ability to take the DMR and head straight to Top Mid to acquire the Rail Gun. Once they do, they can have a significant advantage and take care of anyone at the Tower.

If acquiring the Rail Gun fails, head for the Sniper Rifle instead. It can be difficult to do so, especially if the enemy is positioned well at the Tower. Control of the Sniper Rifle and/or Rail Gun is extremely important in the map, and often teams will mainly battle it out for those two weapons.

The vertical nature and the openness of the map encourages long-ranged weaponry, so make sure your loadout meets those requirements in order to make it slightly easier for you and your team to get to one or both of these weapons.

The Damage Boost’s location largely favors Blue team, but Red team can make it redundant by acquiring the two superior long-ranged weapons. Simple have one player constantly watching over the Damage Boost while the rest attempt to assault Blue base. Use grenades to clear out Tower roofs and Top Mid.

The lower parts of the map should not be overlooked either. There are enough tall structures to allow players to flank using the Cave, Trenches, and Courtyard with care.

Make sure to crouch-walk so not to give your location away to the enemy. This can be a great way to take out any sniper or Railgun user without exposing yourself too much.