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Halo 5 Guardians Gambol Multiplayer Arena Map Tips and Strategy

Gambol is a Breakout multiplayer map in Halo 5 Guardians. It is one of the largest Breakout maps in the game, but provides plenty of cover to encourage close-quarter combat. The map generally tends to reward aggressive play and disciplined, tactical advancements.

Game Mode

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Active Camo (2 minutes respawn)
Shotgun (10 seconds respawn)

Gambol Map Tips and Strategy
Despite being one of the largest Breakout maps in the game, Gambol offers a lot of close-quarter combat. Due to the size of the map, it’s important to spread out and cover a key areas in the map.

The Nest is arguably one of the most important parts of the game, as it houses the DMR, and also offers a clear view of the map. Send two players to the Red/Blue Ramp toward Tower Two – it’s best if these two guys are well-equipped with close-ranged weapons.

The fourth player should go to the Stage and advance with the team when required. The Shotgun in this map plays an important role despite its size, so the player on the Stage will have to survive and slowly get closer to the pickup.

Once you acquire the Shotgun, you have a good chance to flank opponents form the Stage by rushing up the ramps. Another alternative to this is roaming around Tower Two as your team advances.

The map’s size and cover encourages players to go for the flag instead of trying to eliminate teams.

Defense and conservative teams are often at a disadvantage, as they can easily be overwhelmed with some good movement and an organized attacks by an aggressive opponent.

Grab the flag and have your DMR cover you till as far as possible. Push towards the base of Red or Blue Ramp and hide in the Nests. Let your allies advance from here and clear out a path for you to take towards the enemy base.