Halo 5 Guardians Crossfire Multiplayer Arena Map Tips and Strategy

Crossfire is a Breakout multiplayer map in Halo 5 Guardians. It provides little to no verticality, and is the ideal place for a stand-off. This map offers in-your-face, relentless combat. While the Shotgun in the map is pretty useful, you’ll often find that long and mid-ranged precision weapons work best in Crossfire.

Game Mode

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Shotgun (10 seconds respawn)

Crossfire Map Tips and Strategy
This map is very direct, has almost no verticality, and is largely determined by good team chemistry and individual skills. There is plenty of cover in the map, but it largely comes down to moving from cover to cover and shooting in a stand-off.

While initiating an advance, you should always do so through the Pit while staying close to the wall of the House.

The structure of the Pit gives you enough cover and ability to flank the opponents. Flanking is an extremely effective tactic in Crossfire, and you should try to implement it, and also make sure to prevent it from the opponent team.

Have one player stay closer to the base than the rest and to cover the flanks while the rest of the team advances and spreads out slightly. Align yourselves in such a manner that each teammate has the other’s back covered.

There are plenty of grenades in this map, so don’t be shy in using nade tactics. It’s generally a good idea to practice specific nade routines in a custom match before playing in Crossfire.

The flag in Breakout is completely exposed in Top Mid. This makes capturing the flag an extremely difficult task, especially when done alone. Often, teams will go into a defensive mode and will try to defend the flag instead of going for the offense.

This is in reality a much better tactic. It’s far easier and more secure to hunt the team down instead of winning the round through flag capture.

You should only try the latter when you have a significant man advantage. This will force the hiding players out and will allow you to finish off the round quickly.