Halo 5 Guardians Altitude Multiplayer Arena Map Tips and Strategy

Altitude is a Breakout map in Halo 5 Guardians that has a large structure in the center as the focus point. The map provides a dangerously good balance between long-ranged and short-ranged combat, so make sure to move from cover to cover while keeping your head down.

Game Mode

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Hydra Launcher (10 seconds respawn)

Altitude Map Tips and Strategy
This Breakout map is dominated by the large central structure at Top Mid that is accessible from ramps that lead to the two team’s base. This is an ideal place to get on if you want a height advantage, but at the start of each round it is best to avoid Top Mid entirely and instead focus on the remaining parts of the map that provide better cover.

Verticality in this map is medium to low, and it’s often advisable to stick to the grounds as they provide better cover.

At the start of the map, rush to the Blue or Red Platform and grab the Battle Rifle. This should allow you to score some good early shots in the round and at the very least weaken certain opponents.

The teammate with the best accuracy and long-ranged expertise should hold the Red or Blue Platform and provide cover fire from distance as the remaining players advance forwards.

Don’t get too predictable with your stay at Blue/Red Platform and Top Mid though. These areas are the most recognizable parts of the map, and often prone to plenty of grenade chugs.

Alternatively, it’s never too bad to toss a grenade here and grab a kill if possible.

If you’re the last remaining player alive on your team, don’t try to be overly aggressive. Instead, retreat to your base and play as goalie.

Wait it out in the base while taking cover and lure the opponents into over-committing. There isn’t much cover for the flag carrier in this map, so you do have a chance to grab some clutch kills in 1v2 situations if you’re careful enough.