Destiny: Trials of Osiris Cheaters to Get Multi-Month Bans

The larger a gaming community is, the greater will be the number of cheaters in it. It’s simple mathematics. However, in the case of Destiny Trials of Osiris, the developers of the game are matching that with an equally strong policy against them.

Bungie has warned on their official Twitter profile that those of you who have been cheating in the Trials can expect to get banned for multiple months. They have said that you need to play nice because the Bungie Security Response Team is pretty active these days.

The tweet where they announced this reads:

The Bungie Security Response Team is on the prowl, issuing multi-month Trials bans to cheaters in the Crucible. Play nice!

This si good news because Trials of Osiris is a really competitive player vs player mode where everyone is trying their best to ace, and when someone comes up and cheats their way to victory it is not only going to piss them off but also ruin the whole environment that has made it such a compelling place to play in.

Interestingly, the multi-month bans are going to be levied on players who have cheated even once as well as those who are associated with the cheaters. Keep an eye out in Trials of Osiris, Guardians!