Ys Net is Now Map Testing on Shenmue 3; Screenshots Released

Down to the third month of development on Shenmue 3, development studio Ys Net is taken to the insanely successful Kickstarter campaign page of the game with a new update.

Primarily, the developer have now started the Map Testing phase of the game where they are going to be tailoring all the locations with a few objectives in mind like size, layout, openness, consistency, density and more

Map testing will define the different areas to make sure they are neither too big, nor too small to get to that Goldilocks zone. This consists of looking at the layout of a certain space, and experimenting to make necessary alterations.

For example, an outside area may feel too open. That space may be reduced by 20%, and the number of people there increased from 10 to 16, to affect the proper consistency and density of the area.

Not only that, Ys Net has also shared some new screenshots for Shenmue 3 featuring the protagonists and a thatched roof house.

We have added the screenshots in the gallery below so that you can check them out yourself.

The release of Shenmue 3 is pretty far, it is expected that the game will be released in December 2017 which is a little more than two years from now. So these screenshots is all we are going to get for now.