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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Details: Heroes vs Villains, Characters, Mystical and More

Some new details about Uncharted 4 MP have arrived and it looks like we are in for a treat. According to new information, Uncharted 4 will feature a team death match between heroes and villains.

There are a total of 10 characters in total and each team will have five members. The first team to reach 35 kills will win the match.


  • Nathan Drake
  • Victor Sullivan
  • Elena Fisher
  • Sam Drake
  • Charlie Cutter


  • Zoran Lazarević
  • Harry Flynn
  • Katherine Marlowe
  • Eddie Raja
  • Harry Flyn

There are AI controlled sidekicks as well, who’ll help you throughout the match.

Chaser: They rush and hold up the enemy.
Sniper: Uses long range rifles to shoot sniper.
Savior: They revive you and your teammates nearby.

MP has Supernatural elements too and they are known as Mystical. They can be bought from the store and to activate the player must press R1.

One of the ability is called El Dorado, we saw that in the gameplay trailer during Paris Games Week. When activated, ghosts chase the enemy and take them down.

The other ability is named “Djinn,” and players will become one of the ghosts, rush the enemy and kill them with a couple of melee hits.

Last but not the least is a Mystical called, “Chintamani Stone,” It helps regenerate health and revives you when you are down. It works as long as it is activated so you can be revived more than once.

There are a few special weapons like LG China Lake, a 6 round grenade launcher that takes down the enemy with a direct hit. Meanwhile, enemies closeby will feel the impact and be stunned for a short time.

Navigation on the map is made easy with the grappling hook. However, it can be used only at certain points on the map and you can kill yourself if you fall down.

There are four classes in Uncharted 4 multiplayer:

Attack: AK-47 – Para.45  – Grenade  –  Chaser –  El Dorado – LG China Lake
Tactic: XCR  –  Raffica – C4 – Sniper – Djinn – Condor
Support: FAL – 9mm – Medic pack – Savior and Sniper – Chintamani Stone
Long Distance: M24 – Pistol – Mine – Savior – Chintamani Stone – Barok .44