The Technomancer Trailer Highlights Combat, Companions, and Boss Fights

Spiders; the developers behind Mars: War Logs have released a new trailer for the upcoming game The Technomancer – set once again on Mars.

The trailer showcases the landscape, combat, as well as RPG elements of the game. These include skills, crafting, companions, romance options, and what appears to be a boss fight.

Players assume the role of Zachariah, the protagonist of the game who has multiple weapons and ‘stances’ at his disposal to use in combat. Alternatively, stealth is also an option in navigating areas.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Mars where the planet has lost all connection with Earth and now the colony and its residents have to fend for themselves in this harsh landscape.

The Technomancer is being developed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, though, there is no release date for the game yet.