The Gold Joystick Awards Pay Tribute to Satoru Iwata with the Lifetime Achievement Award

The death of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata was a loss felt by not only the company and its fans but for the industry and games community alike. This is why it is only fitting that he be given the Golden Joystick Lifetime Achievement Award.

Taking over leadership of Nintendo after Hiroshi Yamauchi stepped down in 2002 he brought new growth to the company with his “blue ocean” business strategy. Changing the image of the company with the likes of the Wii and Nintendo 3DS he managed to make the company a success. Though the Wii U may not have seen the same success as the previous consoles he still remained the face of the company.

For fans, he would best be known for his presenting of the Nintendo Direct presentations. While a business like man in a suit presenting the latest updates for the companies isn’t the way you would expect Nintendo to catch the interest of fans, Iwata’s humour and charisma made him a fan favourite. In an industry that can often take itself too seriously, Nintendo were a breath of fresh air.

With the giving of the Lifetime Achievement award which GamesRadar say was a unanimous decision by the panel of judges, this pays respect to one of the most respected people in the games industry. A man who changed Nintendo for the better, and made his own mark on the games industry he will always be loved by the gamers all over the world.

Do you think the awarding of the Lifetime Achievement award was a fitting tribute to Satoru Iwata? Let us know your thoughts below.