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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Has Been Delayed to May 2016; More Time to Polish!

Only two months ago, Sara Jansson, the senior producer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, was talking to the fans about why they came up with the game after such a long wait. Now, it appears that the developers want you to wait for a little more.

The game has been delayed to May 2016. It was previously scheduled to hit the racks in February 2016 but apparently, DICE needs some more time bringing you “the most immersive action-adventure game with fluid movement and combat in first person.”

It was Sara Jansson, again who explained the delay this time with a very detailed announcement relating to the untimely decision.

Explaining how the vision of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst they have in mind is the most ambitious, with a vast city, stunning vistas, majestic skyscrapers, and mysterious tunnels, Jansson said that reaching the best quality on all these things as well as things like immersion and the over all experience is time taking.

We want to accomplish all these goals to the highest quality possible. So we’ve made the decision to bring Mirror’s Edge to the world starting May 24, 2016. We will use these few extra months to make sure that when you step into the massive City of Glass and experience the rise of Faith, it’s as entertaining, impressive, and memorable as it can be.

So now, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is going to be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 24, 2016.