Metal Gear Solid V Ships Five Million Copies, Q2 2016 Financials Posted

Metal Gear Solid V came out last month and has proved to be a commercial success for Konami. According to the latest financial details from the company, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has shipped five million copies.

Konami Digital Entertainment revenue for 6 months ended September 2015 stood at 51.7 billion yen.


Konami also has its hands dipped in other businesses like spas and fitness clubs in Japan. The company generated 35.9 billion yen from these segments, which is down from 37.0 billion yen during the same period last year.

Konami (1)

Lastly, Pachinko machines were discussed in the financials which I believe not many of you like. Especially long time Konami fans who have been with Silent Hills, Metal Gear for a long time. Still, we have to talk about it.

During Q2 2016, Konami Pachislot & Pachinko Machines generated 5.4 billion yen, which is up by 0.9 billion compared to the same period last year.

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Previously, Konami announced Pachinko machines for Metal Gear and Silent Hills. As I mentioned, the company also has non-gaming businesses like spas etc, which shows that it is shifting its focus to other industries in addition to gaming, which is handled by the Digital Entertainment department.

Although Konami has said time and again that it will continue to work on Metal Gear, but lately it has been a little hard to believe anything that comes out of Konami. The company unnessarily converted Kojima’s departure into a controversy which hasn’t ended well for its image among fans.

Thanks to the success of Metal Gear Solid V, we have renewed hope that Konami might actually invest in future entries.