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Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Arena Eden Map Tips, Best Positions and Strategy

Eden is an asymmetrical map in Halo 5 Guardians that carries the game’s signature vertical nature. Its towering buildings and height advantages demand good movement and clambering, making it a true challenge for both veterans and beginners.

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Game Modes
Slayer, Strongholds

Key Weapons & Power-ups
Rocket Launcher (2 minute respawn)
Sniper Rifle (3 minute respawn)
Hydra Launcher (10 seconds respawn)
Shotgun (10 seconds respawn)

Best Positions
Blue Base – The asymmetrical nature and verticality of the map often results in given a slight advantage to the Blue team, as the Blue Base gives a large height advantage, especially if a teammate has acquire a sniper rifle.

The entire central part of the map becomes accessible to the team that controls the Blue Base, which renders the other Power Position almost useless.

Catwalk – The central Catwalk, if held properly, is the most important part of the map. It gives a dominating presence over the map.

However, if the Blue Base is being held by the enemy, access to the Catwalk can be quite difficult. For this very reason, try to weaken the Blue Base by going through the Nests and perimeters of the map, and then capture the Catwalk.

Eden Map Tips
The asymmetrical nature of the Eden map gives the Blue team a slight advantage. However, with good enough players, this advantage can often be negated with good tactics from the Red team.

At the start of the match, the Blue team should look to occupy the Sniper Rifle and secure Blue Base, while Red team pushes towards the Shotgun to occupy Security. If it’s not possible to reach the shotgun first, simply grab the Hydra and try to engage and lure out Blue team from the Blue Base.

Depending on the tide of the battle, the team that has the edge should also look to control the Catwalk with at least two players. This will make it extremely difficult for the opponents to push through the center, and they’ll be forced to take the Turbine instead.

The Catwalk can also allow you to cover the Lower Catwalk, and push towards Blue Base. You should also guard the Rocket Launcher at the Turbine to prevent any surprises.

Eventually, a time will come when the teams push to try to take control of Blue Base. If one of the teams has completely locked the area down, a good counter is to use the Light Rifle at the Red Nest.

The high scope and three-shot kill makes it the best counter for any sniper that is strengthening the control of Blue Base.