Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Arena Coliseum Map Tips, Best Positions and Strategy

The Coliseum is a symmetrical multiplayer map in Halo 5 Guardians that heavily emphasizes zonal control and encourages dispersed teamwork.

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Game Modes
Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds

Key Weapons and Power-ups
Rocket Launcher (2 minute respawn)
Sniper Rifle (3 minute respawn)
Scatter Gun (10 seconds respawn)

Best Positions
Top Mid – This is the central area of the map and an extremely important place from where you can control a large part of the map. Having a sniper at this position can allow for the control of Oven, Fridge, Trench, and also the Red/Blue bridges.

Yellow Tower – This is arguably the best spot of the map, but also the most difficult to control. It houses the all-important Rocket Launcher, which should be acquired as fast as possible. Controlling the Yellow Tower with a sniper allows you to see practically the entire effective map. Be warned though, as this is likely a hotspot in the map as well.

Green Tower – The Green Tower is tactically a very important part of the map, and is where the Sniper Rifle is located. This area allows you to control the northern parts of the map and act as a hub. It’s also usually less crowded than Yellow Tower, and is essentially the main way you can take care of anyone at Top Mid.

Map Tips and Strategy
The Coliseum is a symmetrical map that allows both teams an equal chance at obtaining the two key weapons early on in the game: the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle. At the opposite ends, you need to decide with your team which weapon tactically suits you best, and head over there.

There’s a large chance that a group gunfight would start immediately at either Yellow Tower or Green Tower, which is why it’s often important to have a teammate go to Top Mid to cover the allies.

Just make sure he/she has great accuracy. In Capture the Flag, it’s a viable option to send out the flag defender there while the offense is carried out by the rest of your teammates.

Don’t extend your stay on Top Mid though – the place can be reached easily by some clambers at Fridge and Oven. This ability to get to Top Mid can be extremely important in Capture the Flag.

If you can thrust, jump, and dash around to reach Top Mid quickly from the enemy’s bridge, you’ll get good protection from any lookout and should be on your way to the base. Just make sure the two key towers are vacant when you decide to take the shortcut.

The map’s fringed locations – both top and bottom – have a lot of irregularities.

If you’re confident in your movement skills and run & gun abilities, use the longer route and take advantage of these irregularities to gain 1v1 and tactical superiority over your opponents.