Destiny: Where’s XUR and What’s He Selling? The Taikonaut, Alchemist’s Raiment and More

Guardians! XUR is back in Destiny and once again brings us exotics in exchange of some Strange Coins and Motes of Light. Each week we get excited about his arrival but more than often his inventory disappoints us. Will he do better this week? Let’s find out.

  • The Taikonaut
  • Graviton Forfeit
  • Alchemist’s Raiment
  • Zhalo Supercell
  • Legacy Engram
  • Special Weapon Engram
  • Void Drive
  • Plasma Drive
  • Glass Needles
  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis
  • Three of Coins

XUR (1)

XUR is at the Tower (check out the title image above for location) and he will leave on Monday.