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Wondering Why Cortana is Naked in Halo 5? Here’s Why

Cortana is an Al that choose to render itself nude in Halo 5. She kept things raw while other Als choose to dress funky. I don’t think anyone would complain about a nude Cortana but we do wonder why that is the case?

According to Frank O’Connor from 343i, Cortana is nude because she wants attention and thinks being nude will give her an edge in conversations.

She definitely has my attention.

She’s not really nude … but that’s what it makes you think of. So one of the reasons she [chooses to appear without clothes] is to attract and demand attention. And she does it to put people off so that they’re on their guard when talking to her and she has the upper hand in those conversations.

He added:

It’s kind of almost like the opposite of that nightmare you have where you go to school in the nude,” O’Connor said. “You’re terrified and embarrassed and she’s kind of projecting that back out to her audience and winning intellectual points as a result.

Is it weird being attracted to a fake in-game Al? FYI, do not type “Cortana Nude” in Google images.

Anyways, Halo 5: Guardians is available on Xbox One.

Source: GamesRadar