Team Fortress 2 Gets All Previous Halloween Events with Scream Fortress VII

Valve Corporation has decided that instead of creating one new Halloween event for you in Team Fortress 2 this year, they are unleashing all the previous events together through the Scream Fortress VII.

This means six years worth Halloween events all packed together!

And apparently it is all because you did not scare to death with the previous events:

So this year we’ve decided to go for broke. Instead of creating one really scary but, let’s face it, non-lethal game mode, we’re resurrecting ALL our previous modes and tossing you into them AT ONCE!

If you survive this year’s grim gauntlet of terrors past, then, honestly, we don’t know what to tell you. You’re some kind of unkillable, inhuman monster and it was unfair of you to expect us to scare you to death in the first place.

So all Team Fortress 2 players are getting 19 new community created items with The Gargoyle Case, four new maps (namely Gorge, Moonshine, Hell Stone and Sinshine) with events tied to the first two.

Then there are Merasmissions that let you earn items from all past Halloween events, the Broomstick, Terrifying Taunts, straight out of the beta Manpower Mode with Hellfire map and three new powerups namely Plague, King and Supernova.

Of course this is in addition to all the previous Halloween modes that were released to Team Fortress 2!