Respawn And Nexon Partner Up To Release Mobile Games Based On Titanfall

Given its success on PC and Xbox, there was no doubt that Titanfall would be become a proper franchise for Respawn Entertainment and not just a one hit wonder. More future games were to be expected, however, I’m pretty sure no one expected the franchise to be heading towards mobile gaming.

In a recent announcement, Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella confirmed that Respawn is partnering up with Nexon to create mobile games based on the Titanfall IP. These mobile games will be developed by Particle City, a division of Respawn, and the partnership is being called a multi-game, multi-year deal so there would definitely be more than one game for mobile users.

“Nexon’s unrivaled publishing network and free-to-play expertise will allow Titanfall to reach new global audiences. And with Particle City, we are closely collaborating to create all-new standalone games with original gameplay experiences that expand the Titanfall universe to players everywhere.” said Vince.

The first mobile game is expected to release sometime in 2016 with Nexon serving as the exclusive global publisher. Since Nexon is known for its free-to-play PC games (including MMOs such as Vindictus) and also worked with Respawn and EA in July to bring Titanfall as a F2P experience in Asia, the mobile games will most probably be also be free-to-play.