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PES 2016 Update 1.02 Available Now for PS4

Konami has just released a new major patch for the latest installment of their football franchise, PES 2016.

PES 2016 Patch v.1.02, which was announced earlier this week, brings with it several new changes to the game that truly make the game a title for this year instead of feeling like an outdated product.

The patch updates the roster of the game to reflect the real life rosters of each team. Facial design and features of several players has also been updated in the patch as well as updated kits and gear for clubs and leagues.

Along with adding new boots for players, the update fixes the following bugs and issues:

  • When a player is undergoing treatment for injury in Become a Legend mode, the speed of the game cannot be changed with the L1 or R1 buttons.
  • While playing competitions in myClub, players on the bench are not shown in Squad Management
  • When Pass Support Level is turned OFF; the low cross cannot be executed by pressing circle twice

As of right now, the said update is only available on the PES 2016 PS4 version hence the changelog reflecting upon that specific version. The update for PC and Xbox One version isn’t live yet, but it should be available today since Konami already announced that the update date for all platforms would be October 29th.