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Outlast Developer Red Barrels Teasing Something for Tomorrow

When Outlast hit the racks in September 2013, it was so highly appreciated by a number of critics that we were sure there will be more on the same line from developer Red Barrels Studio.

Now, it has been quite some time since they stopped working on the game and its downloadable content packs, so expecting something big out of the studio won’t be a stretch.

Validating that point, the official Twitter profile of Red Barrels Studio, the makers of Outlast, tweeted a rather cryptic message teasing what could be their next video game.

They posted an image with just one word written on it: “tomorrow.”

Nothing else accompanied the photo, not even a one liner explaining what was it; but in all honesty, it has been about 19 months since they released the last DLC for Outlast and since then there has been nothing that they were publicly working on.

This is probably not about another DLC because if that was the plan they wouldn’t give it a 19 month break which brings us to the next best possibility i.e. a new game.

Now, the photo they posted is pretty eerie, it black and white showing nothing but a couple of case-files with “classified” written on it.

Could it be something about crime and investigation? Or another horror title based on a similar setting like Outlast?