Nintendo’s First Mobile App is F2P Miitomo; Releases in 2016

The partnership between DeNA and Nintendo is finally bearing its fruit – well, not right away may be, but in a few months it will. The first mobile app of the company has been revealed and it is called Miitomo.

You might not call it their first mobile game because it is more of a communications app. Recently, they announced the app and also provided an expected release date for it. While it was expected that we will get their mobile games earlier, this will make you wait until March 2016.

Nintendo explains that the game is going to be a free to play title that will come with in-game purchases too. However, Kimishima has added that future mobile games they release are going to be pay-to-download.

So in Miitomo, users will get to design avatars to represent themselves with others. Shinya Takahashi of Nintendo says that the app will “encourage people who are hesitant to talk to share things about themselves.”

The only downside in their presentation was that the mobile games are going to get a delayed launch. Instead of 2015 year-end, they will be launching them in March 2016. As expected, this news has also damaged the stocks on Nintendo.

We are really excited to hear more about Miitomo.