Nintendo President Details Amiibo Sales Statistics

Nintendo definitely started something with the launch of Amiibo product line. The mini figures capable of syncing characters and data for various games as well as the amiibo cards might even be the real highlight of Nintendo’s business at the moment since there have been more than 20 million units shipped in less than a year and there was severe shortage of stock in the early few months because of high demand.

In a recent presentation by Tatsumi Kimishima, the new president of Nintendo, some amazing numbers were revealed when it comes to amiibo card sales.

There have been 8.6 million Animal Crossing amiibo card sales. Demand for the cards was so high – particularly in Japan – that the second series of cards was delayed to allow more production of the first batch. Series two of the cards has now been launched in Nintendo’s homeland.

The company expects to reach 21.10 million amiibo units shipped by the end of 2nd quarter of 2016. The demand has not only increased in Japan but also other regions including Europe and Australia. Link amiibo seems to be the most popular when it comes to US and Europe while Mario takes the number 2 position in every region.

Source: Nintendo.