New Xbox One Experience Rolling Out; Fixes, Workarounds and More

Microsoft is currently rolling out a New Xbox One Experience to select preview members. The update will bring the OS version to th2_xbox_rel_1510.151026-2048.

Microsoft says that is is currently tracking an issue with sign-ins and offered a workaround to users experiencing such an issue.

Go to Settings/Account/Remove accounts and delete your account. Then, open Guide/Sign in tab/Add & manage/Add new to recover your profile to the Xbox.

There is also a problem with disc based games, the console asks you sign in with the user who owns the game. As a workaround, players must re-enter the disc and try and again.


  • Game Install: When installing some game titles with pending updates, you should no longer experience installs which show a progress rate greater than 100%.

  • MTU: MTU should no longer display as 510 when running a multiplayer connection test.

  • Installation Stopped errors: This build contains a fix for encountering installation stopped errors when installing digital games and apps.

  • USB keyboards and sign-in: When using a USB keyboard to enter your password, pressing the tab key should no longer cause the sign-in page to lock up.

Some apps may fail to launch:

  • Voice Studio
  • EPIX

There an issue with Microsoft Edge as well so users may encounter a crash when accessing the web hub via the View button in Edge and switching between Recent and Favorites.

Some games and apps may crash, try and relaunch if that happens. TitanFall might not connect with Xbox Live, so in order to fix this, you must hard reset the Xbox One.

NFL Live App: When playing videos in the NFL Live App, the screen may dim after a short period of time.
Media Player: The media player may fail to connect to DLNA content.

Forza 6:

  • Forza 6 may fail to update due to an installation stopped error.

  • Forza 6 may fail to resume a suspended session after powering on the console in Instant-On mode.

During game installations, players may face an error saying “installation failed,” Hard Resetting the console may fix the issue.

Preordered games may display as fully installed and no longer have a “Preorder” designation in My games & apps.

When no one is signed in and you are trying to install a disc based game, launching it will cause the game to start and possibility crash to a black screen.

Preview members can find rest of the details, here.