New League of Legends Items Revealed

Interesting development for all the League of Legends fans; eagle-eyed players of the game have found out new items and new versions of some old items inside the game.

They have dedicated a Reddit post to the items that were found in the match history; you can read on on all the changes that have been made to each item. For instance, there is a new long sword, new brutalizer, new last whisper, and many more.

When you talk about items that have been changed, Boots of speed only costs 300 now, Tiamat has been made cheaper, there is a reduced CD on Ionian boots, Red Elixir is 100 costlier, Banshee’s Veil has added 200 gold, Kindlegem has been reduced by 50 gold, among a number of other items.

Other minor changes have been made to Phage, Trinity Force, Doran’s blade, Doran’s Shield, Iceborn Gauntlet, Ruby sightstone, Statikk Shiv, Ruby sightstone, Vamp scepter, and more.

Not only that it is expected that Yellow trinket upgrade, Sword of the occult, and Warrior enchantment might have been removed.

As far as those new League of Legends items are concerned that people weren’t able to see in the match history, you can check out all of them on this Reddit thread.

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