Main Menu Screen for Fallout 4 Leaks Onto The Internet

The hype around Fallout 4 is growing, and people are looking for any glimpse they can of the game. Today it looks like the main menu screen has been leaked onto the internet.

Posted on Reddit you can see the screen below, and there isn’t much to be really surprised about. “Crew” is interesting, but scrolling down the comments, people are saying this is just the credits for the game which makes sense.


With this being a leak from a “streamer” then it may end up being a fake image, but it makes sense that this is the real thing. With the suit on show that was revealed when the game was first announced there is no spoilers, and seems to fit the theme of the game. So this does seem to be legit. As always though, until confirmed treat it as just a rumour.

With only two weeks to go we may find that images like this start to be released. Hopefully these images, and even video won’t spoil the wait for fans of the game. With the build up to the release we can expect a launch trailer, and maybe some more in-game footage. To Bethesda’s credit though they have tried their best to keep everything under wraps for people who want to go into the game cold.

Whether spoilers will start to appear or not, I’m sure fans will be able to stay away from any leaks they don’t want to see. As I said, this isn’t an image that will ruin anything, so for now we are safe.

Do you think this is the legitimate menu screen? Let us know your thoughts below.