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Learn about the “Agent’s Journey” in The Division

While it may seem that we’ve been waiting forever for The Division to come out, 2016 does appear to be the year we’ll see it. Now that the release isn’t that far off (March) the developers are revealing more about it.

In the sixth episode of The Division Podcast Community Developer Hamish Bade talked to Senior Character Artist Emil Mujanovic and Game Designer, Drew Rechner about the “Agent’s Journey”. Here are some of the details revealed:

  • When 2D and 3D modelling for the game, the team use tools like Maya and/or zBrush. For clothes though MarvelousDesigner is used instead that allows the designers to create clothing that replicates fabric textures and physical properties.
  • NPCs in the game are made to be realistic as possible. Behaviour tree editors are used to set things up in the prototype of the game on the fly, with the developers able to make adjustments easily.
  • NPCs and factions have different behavioural patterns and play styles. This is to ensure that no two fights are the same.
  • A multi-layer customisation system will allow the player to set different visual layers of their clothing, with stat based and cosmetic slots. This will lead to the ability to have armour settings for the player as well as having different visual options. As Mujanovic states “you can be wearing the same jack as some people in your party but you all might have different cloth versions.”
  • This customisation system can also help with your play style so if stealth is needed certain options can be toggled on and off.
  • Once the appearance of the character has been set this can’t be changed. Skills can be set at any time during the game though.
  • All players will be able to use riot shields, but this will make them less mobile and restrict weapon choice.
  • All items will use the multi-layer system.

Does the amount of customisation make The Division sound interesting? Let us know your thoughts below.