Latest Trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider Reveals More About the Story

Rise of the Tomb Raider is only two weeks away, and a new trailer has been revealed for it. Focusing on the story we get to see exactly why Lara is heading off on a new adventure and what makes it so personal.

Revealed exclusively by Rolling Stone the trailer is being used to advertise the new song which can be heard over the trailer “I Shall Rise” performed by Kelly O of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. The full song won’t be revealed until Friday though.

Commenting on the song, Kelly O revealed what was required from it:

“It all sounded really tasty,” O tells Rolling Stone on creating music for video games. “They wanted drama and high-stakes and melodrama. That was very appealing to me because I love making music connected to a storyline. It was all stuff I loved like having the theme song to [Lara Croft] becoming an icon and the creation myth to the moment she becomes Lara.”

Though she is not much of a gamer, she says that the game still impressed her:

“I’m not used to the 3D. I’m used to characters just moving forward,” she says, laughing — the new mother can relate to Croft’s own traits. “Some of the themes [Microsoft] gave me was transformation and survival and realizing one’s own destiny and pushing past one’s own limits, which is basically everything I’ve been going through with a newborn baby the past two months,” O says. “I’ve been going through my own transformation.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that the song fits well with the story of the game, and it’s interesting to finally get to see some meatier content from the game.

Are you looking forward to playing Rise of the Tomb Raider? What did you think of the new song? Let us know your thoughts below.