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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Summit Map Guide – Objectives, Tips and Strategy

Halo 5: Guardians ‘Summit’ Warzone Mode strategy guide with tips and tricks to help you attack opponents and defend your bases.

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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Summit Map Tips

Summit is designed for Warzone Assault in which one team is to capture opponent’s bases and launch an attack to win the mode while the other one is to defend all its bases.

This guide provides an over of Summit along with tips and strategies to help you capture opponent’s bases and defend your own.

Primary Objectives

After the battle begins, you can head in via the Fortress Deck frontal entrance, but be prepared to be met with heavy resistance and firepower.

Therefore, instead of heading in head-on, you should consider using the accelerator pad on right side and enter from the Eastern Fortress Balcony. Alternatively, you can also try the Western Fortress Balcony.

Once inside, acquire a high ground and keep the defenders at bay from the Fortress Garage and Eastern Fortress Balcony.

While defending, you should definitely consider setting up a perimeter at the center and pin down enemies from medium-to-long range.

You should not only watch the 3 entrances on the south side, but also in basement and the Cargo Deck. It’s crucial to pin enemies at the Cargo Deck by moving through the Outpost and Tunnel and flanking them at Fortress Balcony.

On the attack side, while moving from the Fortress to the Armory, make sure to keep an eye out on opponent vehicles. To counter it, flank around the Shipping Bay and engage enemies from there for a while.

Do not consider entering the base from ground-floor and head to the rooftop using the Supply Yard nearby. Once on the roof, eliminate enemy arriving reinforcements and toss a few grenades inside before dropping down.

On the defending side, instead of securing the Armory directly, consider setting up a perimeter near the east side of the Fortress. If reached in time, you should be able to pin down enemies at the Fortress Garage and Eastern Balcony.

Place a sniper on the Supply Yard and make sure to have some vehicles roaming around the area. If you are forced to fall back, make sure there is someone watching the rooftop as it is the most suitable position to invade.

Central Power Core
Like previous maps, you should definitely consider using the help of some vehicles in order to invade opponent’s Home Base. You should also expect enemy vehicular support as well.

Your foot soldiers should follow the vehicles and try to reach the central core unharmed. In order to destroy the core, you should rely on hard-hitting and rapid-fire weapons. Not more than 3 players are required to destroy the core.

The rest should deal with incoming grenades and opponents trying to flank the central core and take you out.

On the defense side, you should not waste any time in using some vehicles to secure the base’s entrances. If possible, you should also try using Banshee and Phaetons to roam around the area and pin down incoming enemy forces.

Have a couple of soldiers in the Yard to push enemies back towards the Armory and do not fall back towards the central core. Your main force should stay at the entrances and try to hold it for as long as required.

Like always, make sure to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!