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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Mode Tips and Strategy Guide

Halo 5: Guardians Warzone guide with tips and strategies to help you score more wins and get a better understanding of the mode.

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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Mode Tips

Basically, there are two ways to win a Warzone match. You either need to accumulate 1,000 VP before the enemy team or destroy opponent’s central base core. To destroy the base core, one must hold all 3 bases in the game.

VP, on the other hand, can be earned in multiple ways such as:

  1. Capturing Bases
  2. Holding Bases
  3. Defeating AI-controlled Bosses

Due to the ever-changing conditions, it’s better to learn each and everything about Warzone – this is where this guide comes in:

Securing the Home Base
At the start of a Warzone match, you must secure your Home Base. It will be teeming with AI-controlled enemies who must be eliminated in order to secure a base. It’s very crucial to hold at least one of your Home Bases at all times.

Try not to die early and use caution when engaging the AI-controlled enemies. As mentioned earlier, if opponent gains hold of all 3 bases, it may attack your central core leading to a win.

Once secured, the base gets secured by friendlies AI-controlled soldiers, but you should always consider having a human player seeing things over.

Understanding the Req System
As you proceed through the game, you increase your req level. This grants you energy which can be used to activate Req Cards to obtain powerful weapons, mods, power-ups, vehicles and other things.

Note that you must meet the ‘Req Level Requirement’ before activating a Req Card. The cards can be activated using the terminals scattered around the area.

Since you are vulnerable when using the terminal, it’s better to use it after securing the Home Base or have someone watch your back.

As mentioned earlier, capturing bases is one of the most crucial things in Warzone. At the start, bases are overrun by neutral AI-controlled enemies who must be eliminated in order to capture a base.

Similar to many objective-based shooters, the more the people capturing base, the faster the capturing process.

A base will read ‘contested’ if opponent team is trying to capture it. In the case, you must defeat every last of attackers in order to secure the base.

Moreover, you will get a ‘Req Station’ in your base which will get you access to vehicles, weapons, armor mods, and more. Lastly, you will constantly accumulate VP after capturing a base – one VP after every 5 seconds.

Central Power Core
Once all 3 bases are secured, you are free to invade opponent’s Home Base and destroy its central power core. In Warzone, each Home Base has a central power core which can be destroyed using any rapid-fire weapon.

You will know that a power core has taken high damage if the outer cylinders change color from blue to orange. Destroying opponent’s central power core nets instant victory.

However, be prepared to be attacked from all sides as the entire enemy team will spawn at the Home Base.

Boss Battles
Aside from AI-controlled enemies holding the bases, there are multiple bosses who spawn at fixed location after a fixed time frame. It’s a good idea to defeat bosses if you are accumulating VP.

Defeating standard bosses will net you 25 VP and defeating legendary bosses will net your 150 VP. There is a little catch, however!

Similar to Dragon and Baron in League of Legends and Roshan in DOTA 2, whosoever deals the killing blow takes the entire credit for defeating the boss.

Therefore, it does not matter if you dealt 99.99% damage to the boss, if an opponent manages to score the killing blow, he or she will score 150 VP in case of legendary bosses. For this reason, you should ensure that there are no enemies are the lookout while you are trying to defeat a boss.

Boss Battle Tips
Ideally, you should never tackle a legendary boss all by yourself. These bosses usually require the attention of an entire fireteam.

Before dishing out damage to a boss, you should clear the smaller enemies first and then focus on the boss. Most bosses in the game do not have a long-range weapon; providing you with an opportunity to deal damage from afar.

Always try the high ground and never try to tackle a boss head-on – use cover to move about the map.

Vehicles – The Game Changers
Vehicles in Warzone grant a huge tactical advantage to you. The vehicles are obtained using Req Cards. Some of them pack a lot of firepower which can clear out clusters of enemies and even bosses in an instant.

In addition to this, there are certain vehicles which rely on maneuverability and pace in order to evade enemies. Some vehicles also allow passengers who can shoot down enemies and bosses while driving around the map in a fast-paced vehicle.

Lastly, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!