Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Dispatch Map Guide – Objectives, Tips and Strategy

Halo 5: Guardians ‘Dispatch’ Warzone Mode strategy guide with tips and tricks to help you attack opponents and defend your bases.

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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Dispatch Map Tips

Dispatch is designed for Warzone Assault in which one team is to capture opponent’s bases and launch an attack to win the mode.

This guide provides an over of Dispatch along with tips and strategies to help you capture opponent’s bases and defend your own.

Primary Objectives

While attacking, you should consider the Yard, base’s rooftop, or the second floor windows. You should rain fire from the fanlight followed by dropping in.

Try sending in buddies from the Armory to have strong control over the base. Moreover, you should also try and roam the area with a powerful vehicle to confuse enemies.

While defending, you should never try to engage enemies at the Yard. Instead, head inside the Garage and use CQC weapons to take them on.

You should hold the second floor and keep an eye out on ramps and fanlight on the rooftop. You need to have at least one person inside the Garage at all times to avoid it from being captured.

While attacking, you should consider flanking the enemy via the Tunnel Storage and then to the Armory Deck using a Spartan Charge.

Alongside the foot soldiers, consider deploying some vehicles to roam around the perimeter and cut opponent’s movement. As soon as you hit them in the Yard, you will have high chances of securing the base.

Although difficult, you should try and hold enemies at a long-range from Deck. Consider having a Wraith or a Scorpion in the Tunnel to avoid getting flanked by the opponent.

You should also try pinning down enemies as they are crossing the area between the Garage and the Armory. Lastly, remember that you only need to hold the base for 6 minutes to win.

Central Base
The best thing to invade an opponent’s Home Base is vehicles such as Scorpion, Wraith, or even Mantis. Although you cannot expect to hit the central core using the vehicles, they will certainly draw opponent’s attention.

Once you are near the central core, use hard-hitting and rapid-fire weapons in order to damage the core. But while doing so, you should have someone watching the adjacent areas.

In order to defend the Central Base, rush back and park a Scorpion, Mantis, or a Wraith at both entrance gates of the base.

However, you need to position them in such a way that they are safe from opponent’s flying vehicles and other firepower of any sort.

Do not try and rush enemies at all times and only do so when they are moving from the Armory to the Yard. At this point, if you can, try calling in a Banshee or a Warthog to keep enemies pinned down.

Finally, you need to make sure that you leave something to protect the Tunnels as it is the only vehicle entrance.

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